AdvocacyAt Safekids Aotearoa we believe every child has the right to a safe childhood - in their home, on the road, and at play. 

Safekids Aotearoa 's definition of advocacy is "the constructive, truthful and compelling use of evidence to inform experts, decision makers, media, community organisations and individuals about effective ways to reduce the numbers of New Zealand children who experience unintentional injury. Our aim is to promote the creation of policies, practices and environments that help ensure children's safety".
Safekids produces a number of tools and resources to advocate for the protection of children against unintentional childhood injuries:
Useful links
  • NEW: Analysis of Unintentional Child Injury Data in New Zealand (October 2009, By Moses `Alatini). Click here to go to the research download page.
  • Click here to see the WHO report on child injury prevention (Dec 2008). The report presents the current knowledge about the five most important causes of unintentional injury road traffic injuries, drowning, burns, falls and poisoning and makes seven recommendations for action.
  • Click here to see the UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre Report Card 7: Child Poverty in Perspective (2007), which includes information which compare New Zealand with other OECD countries. 
If you have questions on child injury-prevention advocacy, email Moses `Alatini at
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